• Revert ChampionKeysCache lock change, but asyncio.Lock is now on delayed instantiation.

  • Remove unused code from limiters.RedisRateLimiter


  • New data fields detected and added on lol.Match, val.Match.

  • Updated test player for test_models_lor.test_match.

  • Change the Lock on ChampionKeysCache to SealLock, as the asyncio.Lock requires an event loop at the moment of instantiation, an issue that may be encountered by non-async "tasks explorers".


  • Improved documentation engines.

  • Added some missing typings.


  • New pyot.utils.functools module.

  • New utilities async_property and async_cached_property in pyot.utils.functools.

  • New utility sync_to_async in pyot.utils.sync.

  • Removed PtrCache from pyot.utils.cache, use functools.lru_cache instead.

  • Removed cached_property from pyot.utils.cache, use functools.cached_property instead.

  • Removed pyot.utils.cache module.

  • Reworked pyot.utils.lol.champion (interfaces unchanged).

  • Fixed some typings in util modules.

  • Fixed a bug where pyot.core.functional.lazy_property is not caching returned values.


  • lol.MerakiItem removed meraki_ prefixed properties, non-prefixed properties will replace them. To keep having access to lol.Items properties, use the item property instead.

  • Added challenges to match-v5 participants.

  • Added missing attributes typings.

  • Added more unit test modules.

  • Improved internal serialization.

  • Renamed event loop utility LoopSensitiveManager to EventLoopFactory.

  • Added manage_threaded_resources for cleaning resources in threaded environment.

  • Deprecating PYOT_SETTINGS variable for django integrations in favor of PYOT_CONFS.

  • The integration code of pyot.__init__ has been moved into the new integrations module.


  • Pyot new documentations.

  • Some bug fixes.

  • Attribute changes.


  • Reworked pipeline.

  • Reworked model and pipeline conf.

  • No more sid, sessions are managed internally.

  • Match-v5 initial support.

  • Change of behavior of multiple core models.

  • Reworked rate limiters to be more secure and accurate.

  • Dropped syot.

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