• Type: Cache
  • Description: Uses Redis servers as Caches. This cache provides similar speeds to Omnistone while preserving data even if the program is down.
This Cache is built on top of Async Python integration of redis.
An extra installation is required: pip install pyot[redis]

class RedisCache

Backend: pyot.stores.rediscache.RedisCache
  • __init__
    • host: str = ''
      Host of Redis.
    • port: int = 6379
      Port of Redis.
    • db: int = 0
      Database number of Redis.
    • expirations: Dict[str, int | float | timedelta] = None
    • log_level: int = 0
    • **kwargs
      Any extra kwargs provided will passed into aioredis.Redis. e.g username and password.
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