Configuration documentations for all available stores in Pyot.

Each store is configured at pipeline definition, the configurable values of stores are the params in the __init__ definition of each store. For example if a store can take host and db in the __init__ method, it can be configured in the pipeline like this:

    # ... Other stores
        "backend": "pyot.stores.x.y",
        "host": "somehost",
        "db": "somedb"

There are a few configurable values that exists across multiple stores, they will be documented here.

  • log_level: int = 0

    Used in all stores. Defines the log level of the logger used in the store, these uses the level specified in the Python logging facilities, along with an extra level 0 which completely ignores the logging process. Defaults to 0.

  • expirations: Dict[int, int | float | timedelta] = None

    Used in cache stores. Detailed documentations in Pipeline > Expirations.

  • error_handler: Dict[int, Tuple[int]] = None

    Used in services stores. Detailed documentations in Pipeline > Handler.

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