Integration with Celery.


  1. Set up Celery project.

  2. Configure pyot models and pipelines.

# Other imports ...
from pyot.conf.utils import import_confs

# Celery settings stuff ...


Import path is the path used as if the file/module is being imported using python syntax via import, __import__ or importlib.import_module


Celery does not support async functions, a util wrapper is provided async_to_sync in pyot.utils.sync to convert async functions into blocking functions.

Celery runs tasks in threads or processes, make sure to use resource managers for graceful handling of resources, refer to Cores -> Resources.

from pyot.core.resources import resource_manager
from pyot.utils.sync import async_to_sync

# ...

async def task_using_decorator():

# OR

async def task_using_context_manager():
    async with resource_manager():

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