• Type: Cache

  • Description: In-Memory Cache that lives for the lifetime of the project runtime. Since it lives in Python memory, it's the fastest cache.

This Cache doesn't expire data after it is expired. To prevent memory overflow, a cull system is in place. When the amount of data reaches a limit, it calls the expire() coroutine on its own. If the amount of data is still higher than MAX_ENTRIES * (1 - 1/CULL_FRECUENCY), it deletes items until its less than the limit. Deletion prioritizes least recently used data.

class Omnistone

Backend: pyot.stores.omnistone.Omnistone


  • __init__

    • max_entries: int = 10000

      The maximum amount of items to hold before expiring

    • cull_frecuency: int = 2

      The 1/x ratio of max_entries to be culled. Manual expiring will not trigger culling.

    • expirations: Dict[str, int | float | timedelta] = None

    • log_level: int = 0

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